“I got Daisies” – What it means!


Yesterday I had a long moment where suddenly the results of my actions seemed so clear. I could feel the stress of the last six months on my shoulders, professional stress, private stress, stress in my head because of having too many ideas appearing and just not feeling prepared or diligent enough to work all of them out. I realised how much time and effort I had put into work. At first I thought it was my husband’s absence causing me to turn into a workaholic but it was not that. No! I always felt like I had to do be successful in something and that basically to proof that I am capable of doing things in a good way. Of course the second reason is that I wanted to be economically as successful as the people around me. As a private language teacher I face many specialists and executive staff. I always give my best but even when I give my best “best” I don’t get every month what they receive as a salary. Thinking of growing gradually and not taking any incautious steps, I had changed my business in some parts and expanded my activities gradually. I have surely learned a lot by doing so and I  know that my job, where I work with people all the time, makes me very happy. I love spending time with my students, not only teaching them, but watching them developing, hearing what they did last weekend with their loved ones and so on. But still, in the end I worked too much. It was not just the students. It was more like this:

Project 1 – language teaching

Project 2 – translating

Project 3 – specific language projects

Project 4 – my mum’s business

Project 5 – expanding the range of languages I work with by bringing the right teachers together with the right students and securing their communication. Thus I gave myself a small commission on their classes. Yesterday I suddenly felt so bad about this point, but that is for a post some other time.

Project 6 – art project proposal

Project 7 – kid’s day activities

Project 8 – my book (which is nothing more than a digital file until I find the time)

Project 09 – language learner’s videos

Project 10 – promoting all that

I am sure that if you gave me five more minutes I could count until 20. But basically, that is it. All of that, all the time, plus my private life.

So, out of a sudden I could feel how deeply stressed I was. I rethought some of my commercial activities and thought of problems that came with it. I also thought about my husband and our marriage. We only have two days a week to be together. We should really do great stuff on those two days and develop some nice things together. But in the end I kept working on weekends. And I got used to it. After three weeks of vacation some activities surely had changed but the little fact that five weekdays were not enough anymore to deal with everything remained. So I went on working weekends.

Today I posted this text on my facebook page:

Ontem tive uma experiência que me abriu os olhos. Nos últimos dois anos estava muito enfocada em ter sucesso e aumentar minha área profissional. Isso funcionou de certa forma, mas o resultado foi que estava dedicando muito pouco tempo para as coisas que gosto muito, coisas como passar mais tempo de qualidade com meu marido, claro, encontrar meus amigos mais e ter mais tempo para aprender novas coisas. Dinheiro é legal, porque você consegue regularizar a sua vida e a dos outros, mas ele não deveria seu objetivo profissional. Nossa vida dura bastante tempo e precisamos passar nosso tempo com mais pensamento. A partir de hoje meu novo projeto é “balança pessoal” e vou me dedicar a isso nos próximos meses. Vou escrever sobre essas mudanças num novo blog, que já vou criar hoje. Vou me dedicar mais então ao “viver” no futuro. Um abraço a todos e tenham uma boa semana!

I was surprised that I got comments and likes worldwide. The facebook translation tool really works well. My Polish-German fellow, my American colleague in Japan and my Swedish-Croatian friend in The Netherlands all reacted in some way to the post. In fact I got 41 likes so far. That is a lot for a simple post on my site, believe me.

But even in a world of fast online translation, I would like to post a quick translation for the non-Portuguese speakers, so that you understand it all.

Yesterday I had an eye-opening experience. For the last two years I had been to focused in having success and broadening my professional field. It even kind of worked but the result was that I dedicated very little time to doing things I liked a lot, things like spending more quality-time with my husband and of course, spending more time with my friends and also having some time to learn new things. Money is fine, because you can regulate your life and even the lives of others but it shouldn’t be you professional aim. Our life lasts for very long and it is important to think a little deeper about how to spend that time. Starting today my new project is my “personal balance” and I will work on that for the next few months. I will write about those changes in a new blog which I will create today. I will then focus on “living” in the future. A big hug to everybody and have a great week!

Why did I choose the title “I got daisies”? Honestly? All possible and impossible names were taken on wordpress. I found this line in a song performed by Sarah Vaughn, “I got rhythm”. It goes “I got daisies in green vases, I got my man, who could ask for anything more.” When I found these lines and saw that nobody had taken that address (and I really had tried plenty of very absurd names before) I decided to make it my blog’s name. Daisies are not bad and I am a girl. There is so much more to say about this title but I will keep that for some other time.

Why the blog?

We’re facing an economic crisis in Brazil, Europe is in an identity-crisis, the Chinese RMB is performing worse than ever in the last years, and all I do is creating another blog. Maybe some of you will think of it as a life style blog or something similar, but it is not. I don’t know for how long this blog will live but I want to share the experiences about changing things to the better with you, because I know it might be useful to one or two of you as well. And I intend to write about people who have already faced great and positive changes to support my idea of “quality over luxury” (definition of luxury in its basic idea: something we don’t really need and maybe not even want).

Insta photo of the day:

Shoe orgy - I got daisies

Shoe orgy! These arrived today. Last week I went online to get “one” extra pair of comfortable shoes and this is what happened ^~^. I know, I really did not need these but here they are. And they make me happy, too.

4 thoughts on ““I got Daisies” – What it means!

  1. Oh, love it, Kris. I really think you’re going the right way. It’s better to have daisies by the window sill than to be pushing daisies after a nervous breakdown. haha Yes, take the time to feel good. The rest will fall where they may. ❤


  2. Good onya, Kris, for starting a new Fresh Direction in your life, and a new refreshing blog too.
    You are on the right road, Friend.
    We look forward to hearing how the daisies are growing and glowing in your part of the world, friend.
    Also your seeing your fabulous shoe collection.
    “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe


    1. Thank you Taro!!! Yes, bit by bit I want to find out about how to have a real good life. And I loved the quote! I don’t feel so bad about my shoe orgy anymore.

      Abraços from São Paulo!


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