Deleting myself from the web – Twitter


Of course things don’t change from one day to another. We have to work gradually on freeing ourselves from not needed responsibilities or tasks and of course our actions will have an impact on others.

I woke up early this morning to meet my first students at eight o’ clock near Juscelino Kubitschek. When I opened my eyes I felt more relaxed, more easy-going. When we are easy, we automatically create a friendly atmosphere and the students feel freer. I can feel the idea of changing in my thoughts but not yet in my schedule. I am tired and a little out of breath while writing today.

We have to structure the changes. Changes will involve my professional and private life. They will take time and include many steps. Because it is easier, I decided to start changing my digital life first. The next days I will focus on deleting myself from the web. Don’t you sometimes think that we have far too many sites and profiles and stuff on the internet? I admired Ai Weiwei’s attitude that the only way of fighting against surveillance is actually to publicise your whole life on the web. But even he has limits. There is very little about his private life while you can find all about his work and beliefs online. I don’t have much against online presence. As an international person it helps me not to loose all touch with my past encounters and I also think it is nice to learn from each others experience. But what bothers me is the overload of messages one receives. Many of us get far too many commercial messages a day and imagine it is our birthday: it is not only our facebook friends posting their texts but also this and that website you had registered at some time ago and had started building up a “network”. Ask yourself, if it is a real network you are participating in. Ask yourself: Do I know the people I am connected with or am I just too social to say “no”? Does it bring any real advantages to me? Is it fun to participate in their activities? After dealing with these questions you will be able to identify unneeded social networks.

A week ago I deleted my Twitter account. By then I did not know that I would have this fabulous insight on my life and proceed with deleting myself from the web. Getting rid of Twitter was just getting rid of something I really did not need.

I had registered at Twitter many years ago in order to promote my blog posts and later I kept the account to read Ai Weiwei’s latest news (he is a master tweeter), since my master thesis and some later projects were about his works.

Now I really don’t have much business to do on Twitter. In one of my English classes I watched a TED talk with one of my students. She herself does not even use facebook. Instagram is the only thing she thinks is fun and discrete enough.

The title of the talk we watched is “When online shaming spirals out of control” and in it Jon Robson explains how far reaching consequences misunderstandings can have and watching that made me sad. I have suffered from people’s wrong judgements when I was young and I have observed consequences of spreading false rumours also on other pupils and students. That TED Talk just opened my eyes and I could see how people abuse the system only to give some vent to their feelings. Sometimes it is nothing else than pure boredom of users that can destroy a person’s life. I like Brazil a lot because I think it is far less into bullying and cyber-bullying compared to the US or Germany. I could never write a blog only in German because it would be an invitation for grinches to tell me what they think about it. Discussion should never be a problem but keeping good online manners often is one.


I recommend everybody to think about which web profiles are not really needed anymore. Deleting them one by one feels as good as taking out 10 quilos of unnecessary clothes out of your wardrobe and is much more important than that.

I can live without Twitter! Easily! How about you?

Photo of the day:

the first blossom of an orchid I bought last year. Happy it got back to life. It will carry plenty of flowers this year.

Simple happiness

Simple happiness

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