Deleting myself from the web – Xing


Xing is a professional network mainly used by Germans (more than half of its 9 m users). Xing means many thing in Chinese depending on character and pronunciation. The platform chose 行 to bei their idea and it means “it’s ok” or “walking” in its original meaning.

Now I live in Brazil and my relationship with Germany is reduced to a couple of friends and family members. My Xing profile actually has never brought me anything good. Some old fellows connected with me but also many people I don’t know added me and were trying to sell me their stuff or had simply nothing better to do. It was a waste of time! And what I learn these days is to use my time wiser. That is why I try to avoid unnecessary clicks.

Everyday I think about my mum. I think, even though she faces a lot of bureaucratic trouble and has to take care of my grandma all day, she has gained something when moving back to Croatia’s countryside. She is part of a real network where people talk to each other and visit each other on weekends. It is still a bit like it was a long time ago all over the world. How often do I see my friends? I maybe meet one friend once a month. Not much more, really. The problem is not only me working too much but the whole city is working too much and people are simply tired when they get home. The second problem surely is the size of the city. Plus you have all the traffic problems.Yesterday a student of mine told me that she gets up at five in the morning to be at work around 7:30 or 8 o’clock. Even without traffic jams you will have an average distance of 8 km per friend. Alright, I have two friends living within 20 min walking distance. I am very lucky and I should see them more often. I should set up a meeting right now. And I will ^~^!

Maybe that is what I would like you to do as well today. How about contacting a friend? If you think that telephoning is outdated, send a message on What’s App or on Facebook. Almost everybody uses those apps and answers fast. Think of something you and your friend would like to do together. Me and my friend Renata love eating croissants and drinking tea. So we meet in Vila Madalena’s most charming places such as Julice Boulangère and O Chá. When we want ice cream we usually go to Baccio de Latte.

Have a great day tomorrow!


PHOTO of the day

tea pot / Pão de Açucar

I bought this tea pot last weekend. My old one from Cunha broke two months ago and superglue did not help this time. These days it is pretty cold for us Paulistanos (about 14 degrees yesterday night) and I am drinking two pots of Chinese green tea every day.

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