Reduce your responsibilities! “Free the teachers!”


“Free the teachers” works for me. You may have to think of something else.

Last year I started to collaborate with some great teaching professionals here in Brazil. I often had students asking for classes of this and that language and so, instead of only giving them an email address or a phone number, I thought that I could do better. I selected some wonderful teachers who would attend the students mostly over Skype. I realised that the time I had spend on this project was not getting the results I waited for.

Furthermore, I had moral doubts about me taking money for something that should come naturally. Of course, my strength is that I am organised with bills, payments and dates in general. Many teachers I have met these years are a little chaotic when it comes to bureaucratic stuff, and that is why I wanted to create a win-win situation.

This week I started with the French teacher. She has recently moved back home and being payed in Brazilian Reals when working in Canada is not so easy. Her benefit is that she will have the liberty to charge as much as she needs for her excellent services. I will continue recommending my colleagues but I will not get involved in any bureaucratic stuff. I know, they can do very well without me ^~^.

Now you. Is there any task that is maybe too much for you? Anything you can leave aside, that does not bring you forward? Think about what that could be and how you could rearrange or even cancel the activity. The time you’d win you could spend with something more meaningful, something that you might remember in the future.




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