Wow wow wow


Finally my day has come to an end. The last bill for last month has been sent. What I wanted to write about was not work but my lovely weekend. It all started with my friend Lu asking me to go out with her and some colleagues of hers. Without telling too much I can say, it has been a great night, nine people, seven nations, all at a table at Drosophyla, the loveliest bar in São Paulo (R. Nestor Pestana, 163 – Consolação). All of us had some China connection and our chat went all around the world from there. Even if some of us got really drunk, it relaxed us to be in a perfect circle. The mysteries of this encounter continued throughout Saturday, when we did our Pinheiros and Vila Madalena Tour and occasionally met one of the professors, who had arrived in São Paulo two weeks ago at Baccio Di Latte. It was all so inspiring and then I knew once again why I need to find more time in my life. Encounters like these just give you the right energy.

Now, tired again, I am hitting the bed!


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