Tuesday comes to an end

In the News

And I am sick! Caught a cold! I am on antibiotics since Saturday but tonight new symptoms came up. I will survive!

In the morning, while driving to my first class, I heard this wonderful story about Laedison, a homeless person, who applied for law school and got accepted. But because he felt ashamed of not having a suit to attend classes, he just gave up. Coincidentally two young students one day talked to him and he told them his story. After seeing his inscription they believed him and started an online campaign which got him a suit and I think some money too. Also he has his student ID, the most important thing. I really wish that this story works out and that this man will use his talents for good stuff. The facebook site that explains more details is “Ajudando Laedison“. Of course this topic is extremely difficult in a city where you have plenty of people living on the street, all ages, all backgrounds. You cannot play Mother Therese in São Paulo. Unfortunately you need to protect yourself, otherwise no life is possible. You would spend all your time and money trying to make something better that you can’t change. The tragic situation of extreme social differences in Brazil is a matter of history, law and governmental failure. Criminal business put on the shoulders of the poor is common. Don’t buy things while waiting at the traffic lights, don’t take free newspapers and real-estate flyers, don’t buy chewing gums or give a badly dressed clown money. These are all scams and those that aren’t make money over the very poor. If you take what they offer you, you only help these “professions” to continue and that is not what you want. If you really want to help, see what you as an individual can do or if you don’t have the time, try to find an NGO that focuses on helping to change what you would like to change (and check the type of cars the board is driving before investing).

Good night!


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