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I am surprised by how fast time goes by. Surprised when I see my facebook friends with wrinkles, surprised to suddenly see them with babies in their arms. Just today another friend told me that she is pregnant. That is the third pregnancy announcement in four weeks.

My energy is flowing into very different types of projects these days. I know that some of them are consisting of waves, and I like waves, but I am afraid of a big professional storm occurring in the middle of the next year ;). Well, it is not that I don’t secretly hope for it somehow. Doing something you like, meeting new people, making new experiences – that is growing. I just wish I wouldn’t take everything so serious and relax more often like yesterday evening.

You have two types of Gurus in this world. The professional Guru may tell you to work hard with something you really like and that only this will lead you to success and long term happiness (because you won’t have to think about your bills). The second type of Guru tells you to live more happily, enjoy the moments and don’t leave things for tomorrow. I think my husband and me are living a middle way. We’re working quite a lot and we’re still visiting new places when travelling. And I, for example, try to include only lovely things in my full day. And if I things are not lovely but necessary, I try to be friendly towards everybody in order to get some smiles and happiness back. In the end everything works out.

The only thing that does not fit into my schedule is my health. I really have no time to see the doctors. I am half a year overdue with my visit to the endocrinologist and should also try to set an appointment with three other specialists for different reasons. But this city is just so huge and the health system so unpractical. For the foreign readers: in Brazil your insurance only collaborates with specific doctors, so you cannot go to the one around the corner if he or she has no contract with your insurance. The majority of specialists are at least five kilometres from here. In São Paulo that means 30-50 minutes driving, probably paying for a parking lot if you don’t want to walk five more minutes and you’ll have to do the required exams at a completely different spot. It all takes so much of your private time that you don’t really feel motivated to do that kind of stuff and so you wait until you really need to see a doctor.

Why is there no digital doctor? Would be so easy to turn on an app, put in some symptoms and it calculates your outcome in a second or so. Or Skype doctors! That would be really nice!

Good night,



PHOTO of the day

A bus ride in São Paulo! Much faster than it used to be when I came to Brazil four years ago.

bud Sao Paulo

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