Pandora’s Box


Alright! Breath! Start all over again!

“Candlebox” playing in the background while I think of this nice weekend and the last couple of weeks of my life.

My weekend was not much longer than usual but it was much fuller and I feel like I got something back, that I had liked about my life in Heidelberg, about growing up, which was about meeting new people and making new plans, at least having a bunch of great new ideas.

Being in this phase of sorting out things is a good sign about my Brazilian life. I came here and underwent many personality changes. I had a phase in the beginning when nothing mattered much to me. Now it is different, I care really much about my environment, the country I live in, the way things are and go.

Tracy Chapman playing Fast Car.

Just like Pandora, I have opened a little box where my thirties were lying in, seeking for some explanation for some question. And after starting sorting out the “bad” things, only good stuff is left.

Well, of course, it is not that simple. I had no bad things in my life but I surely had too few time for myself and for true living.

Do you remember the night a couple of weeks ago, when I went to meet a bunch of China people at Drosophyla? The PHD student from Russia that we had met that night came over for the weekend. And we learned and laughed a lot. On Saturday she and me met up with three other China girls. It was the second meeting of our group Amigas da China. It was a group full of heart and hope. Smart girls, and I am sure there will be a bunch of projects resulting from these encounters.

And do you remember how I wrote two weeks ago that one of my objectives was to meet that friend that I had not seen in over a year? It worked, with the help of another friend. The three of us went to a super nice café in Liberdade yesterday, called Café Kazu, great place for young tea and coffee lovers with very nice staff working there.

So listening to great music, drinking a Belgian Triple and eating my sweethearts Yakitori, all that makes my weekend come to a smooth end.

Beijos to São Paulo, beijos to my friends, beijos to all those who deserve them :)!


Photo of the day:

People relaxing at the Orquidário inside the Villa Lobos Park!

Orquidário Villa Lobos

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