Get your mails to less than five


I always separate commercial mails from private and professional ones. That is why the number of unread messages in my gmail account is 34 right now. But those 34 mails range from February 2014 until September 2015. Most of them just couldn’t be answered immediately and then they kept waiting for some nicer day, that never came. A week ago my unread mails were about 60, so I managed to reduce them by almost half. Some of them were so old that they did not need any answer anymore. Others were notes, I had sent to myself. Trying to get to five or less unread mails is quite challenging now but that is what I want and need to do. This week I want to ease my conscience by answering all mails I have not answered yet. That hopefully will give me peace when I do other things.

I know that many of you don’t really face this problem. The regular gmail account is a huge mingle-mangle of hundreds and thousands of unread mails and I sometimes wish I wouldn’t care that much, but I do!

In case you care, too, but have no idea how to start reducing your inbox number, try to start by deleting simply all those generic mails from networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, sales websites and that stuff. Then you will only have left private and professional mails and you can look through them within time. There surely will be one or another surprise.

To be able to maintain order in your inbox in the long term, you have to start creating a new habit. Delete everything which is unimportant as soon as you see it. Don’t bother opening the mail and just move it straight to your trash bin. What helps me, is the division of unread and read mails Gmail offers. The upper part of my inbox shows all unread mails and the lower part shows those read mails that I keep to be able to follow up some projects or other work related things.

Have a great week all together!


Photo of the day:

View from the beautiful square nearby.


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