Travelling to grow


We’ve just come back from a lovely wedding in Ribeirão Preto, a city in the interior of São Paulo, about four hours from home. I love those little opportunities to get out of the city. People asked me a lot, whether I got used to this metropolis, and yes, I did! I can even say that I like São Paulo, even if the only thing I wanted in my first year was leaving fast. But now it is home. We live in a quiet beautiful tiny part of the city and I get by very well.

Still, getting out is something we need to do. Travelling itself is necessary for our development. I will first talk about physical travel and then about relationships, which are really complicated journeys in our long lives.

I came to Brazil in 2011 to live here. Of course, in the beginning, it was only a try-out. I came with two 32 kg cases, a probably 8 kg carry-on bag and I had sent a 62kg parcel from Weinheim to São Paulo before. Those were almost all my belongings. I had given away the rest and also thrown away many things. My mum still keeps another two 20 kg parcels of mine in Croatia. Bit by bit I am bringing all of it to São Paulo. But all in all you could say, that I had managed to reduce my life to about 160 kg, besides my own weight (no, I am not going to give you that number). It was the best thing I had ever done. Even if I had previous experience with moving abroad, it was incomparable, because I was prepared for something definitive.

I was badly prepared, even though I arrived with some basic Portuguese and had met some interesting people during my previous stays. I had to fight and that opened my eyes about life. Relocating is so good for the mind, no matter how it turns out in the end. You can see life from totally different angles and I guess, if anybody suffers from depression, that moving to another country could be the best thing to be healed.

Of course, travelling is usually a time span between a couple of days and some months. I am living here and not just passing some time, and within the years I have to admit that I feel more Brazilian myself. And now I would like to talk about some people I know, who have invested their free time and little money in trips and experience. One of our friends for example, has given up his job and started a course at the Cordon Bleu in Canada. his objective was not to become a chef one day, but to do something different for some time. I guess he wanted to learn and to meet new people, to meet a new culture. There is no age limit for these stories. If you want to do things differently, then try to be more impulsive in the beginning and do the planning only after having paid your flight.

Now, travelling within a relationship is a beautiful thing. First of all, we are never 100% sure about things. People have complex minds and complex feelings but when you are with someone you love and you can be really open with, then it might be worth to take a further step. For some that means marriage, for others moving together, for some it means having kids, and for others maybe only staying over night more frequently. Whatever it is, if you feel fine with that person, give it a try. Relationships come without guarantee and they mean a lot of continuous work, but they are great and maybe the best way to learn to trust this world and our species.

I have seen many couples these days, all in different phases of their relationships. To survive in a relationship you need trust, an open mouth and open ears. You need to communicate and give each other space where needed, help where you can and just be patient, when you can’t.



Photo of the day is our friends` wedding!


casamento wedding

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