Sometimes a hotdog saves you


From a conversation that was more than unhappy and demotivating.

Escaping the usual actually feels good. I wouldn’t normally sit here on a Thursday night eating a Nuernberger (sorry to all my veggie friends) and observe life in this 15 m2 place in Vila Madalena.  The owner of Go Dog doesn’t make much money but is very idealistic about service and I like that. 

It is not a place to be anonymous. You share the tables.  But that is nice.  The man sitting in front of me is having his second hot dog.  The two couples beside me are dating,  one in their forties,  the other in their fifties. The first one might not meet a second time.

Observing life and sharing good ideas is natural for me and just as Jewel sang in the nineties “I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.”

Boa noite


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