The Dalai Lama’s Dreams


All of us dream at night. When we are very tired from performing our daily duties, we often can’t remember our dreams. There are people who don’t remember their dreams over years and only when they travel, their mind starts to relax and they have those flashbacks during the day.

We dream for different reasons and can’t control what comes. Sometimes we dream to learn how to solve a problem in real life, sometimes we just reflect our fears. We dream of the losses of close people. Our dreams can also reflect our desires and hopes. When I am thirsty, I dream of something cruel, so I can wake up and get a glass of water. I dream of bathrooms in early morning hours and of soft kittens when I don’t have a time to wake up.

I was wondering what the Dalai Lama’s dreams would be like. He is such a positive person with such a funny laugh but what are his fears? Does he dream of war? Does he dream of being mean sometimes? Even if being raised extremely positive and trying to be free from desires, don’t people still develop secret wishes and try to get a little tiny privilege here and there from time to time?

Tokyo Skytree

A link to the Dalai Lama’s FAQ 😉–answers

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