The problem with money


The first title for this that  came to my mind about 62 seconds ago was “Things should be free” but then I refrained. Actually, we still live in a world where everybody needs to make some money and where people feel useless unless they got a contract telling them how much they are worth per month.

I need to earn money, not in order to have a luxurious life, but to be able to cope with my social responsibilities and fulfil some of my dreams. But since little, I knew how wrong this system and teaching is. I was lucky to have met super teachers along my life, who just by being themselves, taught me so much. There were real teachers such as Mr. Eickhoff, Mrs. Abernethy, Mr. Vilimek, Mr, Storck, Mrs. Eder and many others, who’s names don’t come back that fast. There were life teachers, such as Benderpelz, Sarah, my first boyfriend Sascha, Goethe (even if dead), Angie, Jasmin, Nobi, Verena La Mela, Mrs. Mittler, my Sweetheart and many others I just can’t remember that fast.

Even before having studied ethics, religion or philosophy the concepts of life were simply clear, just like, when you let qa child be a child and treat it well, it just might find out itself about right and wrong. So, sometimes I am criticized a bit for not being competitive enough. And then always this memory of my first school competition was in my mind and I still think I reacted right.

We were eight years old and supposed to run our first kilometer on time. I was much taller than the other girls, so I started and there I ran in the first place. But I found it so boring to be there in the first place and when I looked around I saw this girl (this is a true story) who had real difficulties and was struggling to run. Of course, it is sad that a seven year old kid is overweight because at that age you should be more outside than inside. Anyway! i saw this girl and I wanted to start a friendship. I started falling back until I reached her and then I automatically started motivating her, what the teacher should have actually done, right? We both ended up being last, but she made her first kilometer. That was so important to me. I really did not understand why the teacher criticised me for a second for letting go. And I am in this struggle between what the world wants me to do and what I believe is right, and as many other this struggle simply will go on until the end of this life.

The girl I helped, went to another class, and our friendship only lasted those eight minutes. Now I wonder, whether she remembers this story, too.

Oh, what has it got to do with money? It’s all got to do with money!





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