There is no expiry date on ideas


I see more and more people willing to take risks in order to do something they believe is right. And this post here is to at least inspire those of you who were in doubt until now, whether they should or should not go to new horizons.

Example 1: Brazilian, Female, Mid-20ies, just moved to Croatia because of her sweetheart, who is Croatian

I am in touch with this young woman who gave up her job, sold her two storeyed house and moved to a country she had never visited before, just to give her relationship a good chance of future perspective. It has been a week since she arrived there and she is now willing to learn the language so she can find a job one day. Her boyfriend has already tried to live in Sao Paulo but found the city too dangerous. Since this gigantic place was not really an option for both to live together, she changed for clear blue water and town walls from the middle ages.

Example 2: Brazilian, Female, a bit over 60, planning to move to Spain, to the Costa Brava

My student is discovering a new herself these days and in order to become more this person, she is learning to go for her dreams. So, besides many other great activities, such as starting a blog named I will be Smiling, she now is planning to live in Spain for a year, where she is going to do a language course.  To be on the save side, she plans on living with a local family. And of course, you never know what happens within that time, so a year can turn into two years and two years into forever.

Example 3: Brazilian, Male, 35, moved to Canada to study

A friend of my husband has quit his job this year in order to study at the marvellous Le Cordon Bleu and he is pretty open about what to become in the future. Right from the start he documented his experiences and changes. Have a look at these links:


Example 4: Croatian, Female, 53, my mum

My mum has moved back to Croatia two years ago, after living thirty in Germany. Her main objective was to take care of her own mum who has simply grown old. The change was nothing but easy, but she strongly believes that this is the right thing to do and thus she also passes good values to me and my cousins. After thirty years you are not familiar anymore with the culture, with language reforms and with the simple who is who in society. And moving from functioning Germany to the Croatian countryside is a real big challenge. Everything has changed but yet, after having mastered her first year, things started going a bit smoother.


Example 5: Female, 35, me

It has been five years that I live in Sao Paulo. I came to be with my sweetheart. In December 2010 I passed my last exam and moved here three months later because I really wanted us to have a life together after living for three years on different continents. I already spoke some basic Portuguese and quickly picked up new expressions and grammar from colleagues, students, family members, shop keepers and so on. I am happy with my choice, but it took me some time to learn. When I tell my story, I always divide the process in half-years. The first half year I suffered a huge  cultural shock, the second I already understood the society I was living in better. The third I started to develop own ideas and strengthened the bond between me and my newly found friends. Now, this year, I started feeling Brazilian, but of course, I still speak wrongly sometimes and that actually annoys me a lot. But anyway.

The message of it all? No matter where you are in life, if settled or not, if 20 or 60, there is no expiry date on your ideas. You can still try!

Wow, now I am thinking of trying to learn some Gong Fu, because I used to say that I am too old for this for the last 25 years. I guess I am not!

Have a nice day,



PS. If you try to fulfill your big idea and you figure out that it is not what you actually wanted, just keep on changing.

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