Long silence – short vacation


No new posts recently but so many things on my mind. My objective was to create a blog that helps people to de-stress. relax and focus more on what I want but after a couple of months I can say that I find myself in the same old prison as before. Even though some of my friends would not confirm this ;), I am a workaholic according to my dalmatian standards. Ten days of rest did not help me much to relax or to worry less. Old bills have not been controlled and new bills were not written, new student schedules not prepared yet and the only thing that is under control is our house, thanks to Lourdes who helps us once a week.

But I do relax in general. I relax between my tasks and I also relax by working on completely different things at the same time. Today, for example, I washed clothes, read an article on Qin arts and wrote a quote for classes in 2016, besides interacting with our language video activists of Easy Brazilian Portuguese. E além disso: o dia ainda é uma criança!

Have a super nice 2016 and try to relax more!!!


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