Sometimes what you really need is different from what you think you need

Leisure, Work

Until one hour ago I was extremely tired. I had worked hard the last ten days without much rest. So the whole afternoon I did my things at half-mast. I really thought that a short rest in bed might help me but my mind was too full of unsolved To Dos. Thanks to my sweetheart a reminder popped up on my screen which wanted me to do a light training for a run we plan to do next weekend. Even if the weather is very hot and my Email inbox is full again, I decided to go, for the sake of love.

We are developing this new strategy for me to do more sports. So I downloaded some podcasts from a teacher living in China, but the deal is that I can only listen to them when I do physical activities. Today I listened to my first episode and can’t wait to learn more from this young lady.

Today’s outcome: two kilometres of running and 2 1/2 of walking and a body refilled with energy! And a new blog post!



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