Time for the nice stuff


Inspired by a short story I read with a student last week about an old lady and her beans, I decided to write a positive post in her honor. So, the story was like this: everybody in a village admired an old lady who was always smiling happily. In order to discover her secret they went to her house for some tea and asked her straight. She then said, that there is no real recipe for happiness. But she had her beans. Every morning she would leave her house with a couple of beans in her left trouser pocket and for every good thing that happened, she would move a bean from her left pocket into her right and in the evening, before falling asleep, she would look at all those beans and remember all the good stuff that had happened during the day.

Here are some of my beans from today:

First bean:

I had a highly motivated student starting his online class at eight on a Monday morning.  Wow!  He really wants to learn.  He is from Belo Horizonte and has a baby daughter.

Second bean:

I met my friend Nele online for the first time after he had left Brazil two weeks ago and his Portuguese is advancing fast. Also he is very motivated to get back to SP soon.

Third bean:

I had Sushi for lunch. Even after becoming a vegetarian again, I allow myself some fish from time to time. All in all, I am more than happy to be part of the veggie world again.

Fourth bean:

My friend Johnine wrote me today and we are going to meet each other soon in a marvellous Bavarian village. We met in 2011 the last time and before that our last encounter was somewhen in 2006. How time flies.

Fifth bean:

I learned from my classes. A teenage student of mine had to prepare a short presentation on polar bears. Amazing creatures! Heavy creatures! You wouldn’t want to lie underneath one. Female polar bears delay their pregnancy about six month in order to protect themselves from starving. In my last class today a male student of mine and me were listening to the benefits of gardening. I really should get my fingers dirty more often.

Sixth bean:

I discovered a new Brazilian singer with very powerful and female lyrics, Tulipa Ruiz. Just liked it. Even her weird songs. She is just so honest!

Here one of her songs:

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