The Benefits of Having a Pet – Miaow Miaow


About six weeks ago I became the aunt of a cat called Kikinha and it is lovely. I am her auntie for a limited time only, taking care of her while my student is travelling. Since I have her I sleep much less, and yes: Cats and sofas – they attract each other ‘_’! And yet, it is all worth it.

1st Benefit: Fluffy fur! Cats are so fluffy! When I cuddle with a cat I feel like in heaven. I even had an allergy to cats but my body managed to adapt.

2nd Benefit: Her purr! This sound is the most positive feedback another being can give you! Burrrr!

3rd Benefit: Whenever you get home and there is always someone in a good mood welcoming you!

4th Benefit: She likes being close to you (but she chooses when). Aww ^^!

5th Benefit: She hunts everything that moves around. Haven’t seen a cockroach entering the house in a long time.

I had two cats before Kikinha and I purposely didn’t get myself a pet right now. My life is full of changes, be it moving places, working in another city, travelling abroad, visits over the weekend. All this makes it impossible to take care of someone for fifteen or more years. A pet is like a baby in some way. It depends on you. You are its family. And you will grow old with it. I am 35 now. Would I get a pet, there would certainly come a time to say good bye. By then I would have plenty of wrinkles and almost my all of my hair would have turned gray. You don’t have to be as afraid of responsibility as I am. And maybe one day I won’t be afraid any longer, either.

Kika and Kikinha!


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