Tough Day!


Wow! What a tough day! Thanks to the blogger community I found the right answer to my long day! Getting up at six in the morning, finishing the last really lovely class just at 9.30 pm. Did some of the “wait for better times To Dos” in my breaks inbetween and have been confronted with a big ethical issue, too. But well! “Be inspired..!!” just posted these words and I found them great, so here’s the post and a link to the original blog.

“Change is painful, but inevitable. Sometimes you won’t understand what’s happening, you may think things are not meant to be. You may feel dejected, sad. But STOP!! Stop being miserable, stop giving up. Don’t back down. You are at the dawn of a new lesson in your life. Keep working, don’t stop. Scared of something? Face it with your head held high.”

And all of this reminds me of this great song of my early teenage years, thanks to my aunt Bianka!


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