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Nope! These are not mine! I took the words from an article published in Brazil’s popular polit/science/society magazine VEJA, originally entitled Marcela Temer:…, bela, recatada e “do lar”. They were introducing Brazil’s so called most recent First Lady. Since this article really disconcerted me, I would like to explain to my friends and followers who don’t speak Portuguese what happened and why their Brazilian friends have those funny photos on their websites these days.

Many of you have been watching the news these days and seen the sad situation of Brazilian politics. (For those who haven’t heard anything about that, read this). Anyway: the name on the horizon now could be / should be / shouldn’t be? Michel Temer, a politician aged 75. For now, you need no more information.

The Brazilian Veja then published an article two days ago on his wife Marcela Temer, a 32 year old woman who got married at the early age of 20. How did I find out about this? My facebook was loaded with plenty of super interesting photos my female friends have posted, using the hashtag #‎BelaRecatadaedoLar‬. The photos were showing them in strong positions and I was wondering what that actually was about. When reading the above-mentioned article, I just thought “Well, what a nice satire article! They obviously can’t be serious about this.” Here the translation of some of its content, so that you can follow me!


Marcela Temer é uma mulher de sorte. Michel Temer, seu marido há treze anos, continua a lhe dar provas de que a paixão não arrefeceu com o tempo nem com a convulsão política que vive o país – … . Há cerca de oito meses, por exemplo, o vice-presidente, de 75 anos, levou Marcela, de 32, para jantar na sala especial do sofisticado, caro e badalado restaurante Antiquarius, em São Paulo. …, mas foi esvaziada para receber apenas “Mar” e “Mi”, como são chamados em família. … Marcela se casou com Temer quando tinha 20 anos. O vice, então com 62, … foi seu primeiro namorado.


Marcela Temer is such a lucky woman. Her husband, Michel Temer, has been proving for thirteen years by now that passion won’t cool down within time or due to political convulsion the country is (currently) facing – … . About eight months ago, for example, the vice-president (75), took her out for dinner to the special (dining) room of the sophisticated, expensive and trendy Antiquarius restaurant in Sao Paulo. … it has been cleared for “Mar” and “Mi”, as they are called by family members. … Marcela married Temer at the age of 20. The vice-president, 62 at the time, … was her first boyfriend.

Yeah! This is already strong stuff! First, I don’t think she is lucky, neither happy. How can you be, when completely ignoring your own nature. Second, She got married at 20 to a much older man. They started dating when she was 17 and he about 59. I am 35 and my mind and life have developed so much since I was 17. Now imagine 59. How can you possibly interested in such a young person? Something is very wrong and it is not good for her. A hundred years of feminism and it still hasn’t reached everyone in the western world. We all suffer a lot in our lives and I feel sorry for Marcela also because of all this online trouble because she is a complete media victim. Veja clearly hasn’t published this article being unaware of the possible female resonance. But I understand the movement #‎BelaRecatadaedoLar‬ not as being against her but being against this kind of journalism and point of view. Brazilian women are upset because of the idea that Marcela as a potential so called “First Lady” could be seen as an example to a younger generation. I remember a very smart student asking me two weeks ago why women in Germany don’t care so much about their looks and make-up. Well, my generation and the younger ones, we do try to look good, too, but we don’t reduce ourselves to this little tiny thing because being engaged with something you really want to do, is much more important and you don’t need to be sexy to be a great chef, entrepreneur, lawyer, teacher or even actor. But when we go out on special occasions, we might put on some glittering eyeshadow, too ^^.



Bacharel em direito sem nunca ter exercido a profissão, Marcela comporta em seu curriculum vitae um curto período de trabalho como recepcionista e dois concursos de miss no interior de São Paulo … . Em ambos, ficou em segundo lugar.



Holding a bachelor in law she actually never practised her profession, (but) her curriculum vitae lists a short working period as a receptionist and two Miss elections in Sao Paulo’s countryside. In both she finished second. 

The article can only be ironic, right? I can’t believe that this wasn’t posted in order to wake up Brazilian society and show them one of the incredible outcomes of the whole political situation going on in the country these days. VEJA simply can’t be serious! ….right?

Yours disappointed and almost having a headache Kika


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