Stars above Svib


I won’t be able to show you their full beauty even though I bought a super nice bridge camera this week but I think I can tell you about them.

So,  in the sky they shine
Reflecting all the light and life of our universe
And of our little village.

I once heard that our population is counted by the number of chimneys
And that would make 300.
But in fact only half of them still live here. The others went new old ways.

I found it funny and sad to see a sign
Warning about old people crossing the road.  Usually those signs show school kids.

The school here is almost closed.

There is still our mountain.  It invites us for some rest.  Every day,  every hour.

And the stars
They reflect our thoughts
Our dreams and hopes
Generations trusting in the power of light
The wish to get out
And the desire to come back one day,  differently.


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