Flirting Nightingales


I can’t describe my emotions over this natural beauty of Svib,  a small place,  a sad place where most people lost all their hopes.  Our house in the mountains is very isolated and peaceful.  During the day you only want to lay down in the grass and listen to the bees and flies and birds.  But the night is even more exciting.  You can see this wide sky,  full of shining stars,  seeming so close,  close to you,  your soul,  your mind,  your everything.  And then those flirting Nightingales.  The male,  just 20 metres away from me and the female somewhere within a 100 metres.  At first I thought that those birds must be crazy and confused to sing at night but then my dear friend Alexandra told me that the beautiful singing comes from the nightingales. I am so full of admiration.  Wow!  I love this sky!

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