Munich welcoming me


I arrived in Munich today after spending some time with my family in Croatia.  Even if my stomach was all smashed like an old water hose after 13 hours on the bus, I simply quickly showered after checking into the little apartment on the Gruenwaelerstrasse and left to enjoy this pretty spring day in the Englischer Garten (English Garden).  Young people lying on the grass,  all kind of languages flowing through the air and small children playing ball with their sporty mommies and daddies. It is mother’s day and everybody is happy.  People are badly dressed but comfortable.  The kids say sorry so beautifully when their ball comes close to you .

And I remember being here in 2002. I did an internship at a local movie production firm and had a good time. One night I went out alone.  Just like my boyfriend,  I enjoyed electronic music a lot by then.  And I met this young man.  Just my age.  He was totally into jujitsu and just got out of prison for small drug dealing.  He did less time so he couldn’t allow himself any mistake at all.  He didn’t even drink.  We developed a friendship for the time of six weeks and he was a good friend,  a nice person who showed me around a lot,  introduced me to his friends and family but never ever was there a kiss between us.  Always he has been a gentleman.  I remember how we went to the Starrenberger See,  a marvelous lake nearby and we swam in the autumn sun.  I learned to jump into ice cold water for my standards and I enjoyed it.  He was a real swimmer while I always stayed close to the peer.  I love lakes but I feel a little bit uncomfortable when I can’t see clearly what is below me.  What was his name?  Stefan,  I think.  Now Munich is being a nice friend to me. 

Feeling the sun set on my skin !

Have a lovely time world!


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