Lunchtime: Don’t fall for the big plate trick


Midday anywhere in the world: You are hungry and heading for the next per kilo restaurant which is very common in Brazil and more and more present in bigger European cities, too. So, you take your plate and you go for all the goodies…. Nope! Noooope! Trick: The restaurants want you to take that oversized chic white plate and follow completely your almost starving instincts. But if you do so, you usually end up eating more than you actually need. Remember! A 2-Star restaurant (I’ve never been to a 3-Star place, I think) use those huge plates and mostly fill them only half. So the maxim is, what is good for the wealthy, is also good for the rest of us! Plus, you are very likely similar to me and try to get in a good shape without doing too much physical exercise. The solution is eating according to your body’s real demands. If you think that a half empty plate looks ugly, fill the other half with salad. Your bank account, your digestion and your figure will be thankful for sure!

No, go and get it!


OK, not the best option to save calories, but very tasty!

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