Why is it so difficult to be just nice?


Sometimes I really feel lost in this world and I really don’t understand why some people cross limits or are purposely mean? I am no angel either, but I have tried to work on myself since being a kid to become a friendly person. It does not mean that I am pampering all the people in my life but I try to make them feel good when we are together. When someone then comes into my life with a more drastic view on reality, I need a day to understand their words or behavior. I always try to see the best in a person and of all possible explanations possible, I choose to believe in the least mean one. Not guilty until proven!And then I fail to see the proofs. Recently one or two people have told me that I am pretty naive but I define it more as a need to be positive and to avoid judging someone wrongly. What shall I do with this world?



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