After the Games


Well, I don’t think that I will close I got Daisies so soon. Sometimes it is just better and easier to write. Four weeks of work on the Olympic Games are over. Today is my first day off. Well, I had one day off before the Games started. I don’t want to go into political details but all in all I have learned even more about the structures behind such huge events and how unsportsmanlike they really are. And when you talk to people about it, it looks like there are plenty of great ideas in the world of how to make things better, the only problem is, that these might not be economically profitable in the short term, so there won’t be anyone who would listen to people’s ideas.

My body somehow feels tired even though the tasks were not really difficult. I guess it is the thing with working every day non-stop that makes you feel fatigue.

Well, and to those who know how to read Portuguese: My book “Sete dias em busca da brasilidade” finally came out. You can find the print version and the digital version on any Amazon worldwide. So far I had no time to think about any marketing strategy and somehow I wish that things would just move by themselves and do and struggle and get through all by themselves.

I will stay here in Rio these days. While I am living in beautiful Méier while working, I am staying at Copacabana for a couple of days. My plans are relaxing at the beach and in the greenery. No big deal! Only my sweetheart and me! For a whole weekend! We need that!

Now I am hungry and I’ll head down the street to eat at one of the nicest bakeries in Rio: Estação do Pão! Cariocas (as people from Rio de Janeiro are called) are really good at pastries!

Have a lovely day! “Yaaaawn!”

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