The Unforeseeable Makes a Story to Tell


Have you ever been really pissed on a trip? Something happened and made you think: “What the hell?” Well, I just thought back to some of our stories and how we laugh about them every time we tell them, even if we wanted to make someone pay for it the time the event occurred.

Like, there was this time when my mum and me were in Rome. We rented a small place in the center. The thing was, it had a special security door I had never seen in my entire life. That door was so secure that we once locked ourselves in. Oh no! Damn it! Turning the key back and forth and nothing worked.

And by then I had no mobile Wifi abroad. So I could not really reach the landlord to ask for help. I got the idea to open the window and try to find someone willing to help us opening the door from outside. Now, it was a very lonesome, narrow street. And by the way, I do not speak Italian. I speak Portuguese but know how Italian sounds and have a slight idea of word-endings.

So, the first two passersbys  must have thought that we were trying to set them up. My Italian was like: Hello! We in room! Door! (showing the key), not open. You door (making signs for the person to walk upstairs). Only after twenty minutes, the third person, who was a lady in her 50ies, showed her goodwill, accepted the keys and walked up to the first floor to save us. Lucky us! The day trip could start!

Another funny story is when I booked a trip to the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) for my aunt and mum. I thought: “These girls really need to relax.” Through the internet, I found a charming place in the middle of nowhere. Well! It was winter, freezing cold, and the place had no functioning heater. There was only one restaurant and it was obviously uncommon for two women to walk in, drink beer and smoke cigarettes. They were relaxing actually by being confronted with a new culture in the country they had already been living in for three decades. Anyway, one afternoon they decided to walk up the mountain and drink a glass of wine when reaching the peak. Which is what they did. Not considering that after drinking the wine, it would already be dark. Feeling drunk and happy they walked down the mountain, could not identify the right path anymore and after an hour of being lost, they finally got help from a confused forest ranger who crossed their way. Lucky them!

These are the stories we tell each other when we get together. “And do you remember the time when we …?”. Do you have such stories to tell? If yes, please comment!



One thought on “The Unforeseeable Makes a Story to Tell

  1. I had one of those… I was in Miami wit my sisters and we were going to fly to Orlando. We had the cheapest tickets from American Airlines, but we didn’t realize that it was a code share and we were not flying AA, but some other small airline. We got to the plane and it looked like a plane from World War 2, very very small, about 20 seats, painted in bright yellow with palm trees. The fight attendant was a lady wearing so much makeup and it was all smudged, it totally gave the wrong impression. There was no door or not even a curtain between the pilot and us, someone had to spin the propeller to get the plane started and it was so noisy during the flight we couldn’t even talk to each other. I thought, ok, this is it, we’re gonna die here. I was so resigned and tired that I slept during the whole flight. It took us almost 2 hours to get to Orlando, which would normally take about 30 minutes. We survived, and now I got a good story to tell! haha

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