Slow mind and wild dreams


It’s been more than a week since I got back to Europe. First we visited Heidelberg and participated in the beautiful wedding of a wonderful friend and now we’re in Croatia. The days and nights are hot and my mind goes slower while the heat at night makes me dream and process weired stuff. Like, when I saw how aggressive people can be when they don’t like their jobs and cultural etiquette never taught them to keep their hatred to themselves. In Germany you can see many imigrants working in lower cleaning jobs and especially man, when they think that they should be doing something more prestigious, can become very unsatisfied and provocative. I remember a case where the father of a friend, who used to work as a doctor in a libanese hospital, could not validate his doctor’s degree in Germany and was forced to work as a cleaner at a hospital. This frustration and his cultural background made him treat the women of his family very bad.

Here in Croatia overly emotional reactions are so normal, especially for men.

All these things that I see, the shared unhappiness of many people, makes me feel misplaced but also reflect on how much of this emotional local culture influences me in my behavior until today. I have learned so much but when people are really very close, sometimes reason does not lead me and I get blind to the fact that I might have misunderstood a situation.

Well, it is always interesting to get back and learn from the encounters.

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