Never ending processes of change


My last trip back to my old homes in Germany and Croatia taught me again a lot. This time I managed to meet different old friends and I have also spent the summer with my family after many years. Since I live in Brazil and travelling during the European summer is more expensive than in other seasons, I rarely had the chance. But summer in Croatia on our little hill with those family members who are still alive, was a good experience.

And I don’t know where to start and how to describe all these impressions of mine.

We arrived in Frankfurt in the end of July. Since we both started smoking again, we went to the smoking area outside. Frankfurt is an international airport receiving travelers from all over the world and many aren’t used to such smoking zones. Anyway, so there were a lot of cigarettes on the floor and one of the pipelike ashtrays caught fire. The responsible cleaner, a man in his 40s, visually with an Arabic background, really lost it and cursed while violently cleaning the area. And this is something that one can see in Germany and surely some other countries, too, independent from the cultural background of the employees. People show their frustration openly and feel no urge to be polite or positive in front of others. Two days later when sitting in a café in Heidelberg with our friends from Brazil, I reflected how I used to be towards customers when working at the cashier in the cinema. It is a very stressful job and one where you can learn that most people are actually very helpless creatures when it comes to finding information. So, almost all of us regularly lost it in front of the customer. I regularly asked people, if they knew how to read. Since I live in Brazil, I think that I have changed. Brazilians are different and I would say, that they never show their personal frustration or problems in a professional context. And I don’t think that this is wrong. Some might say that it is unhealthy to put on a mask at work but I think that both, the service provider and the customer benefit from this since they are leaving the situation satisfactorily. Within the years I learned to appreciate this and I used it to develop naturally this polite character trait within me and I actually feel like this is much more ‘me’. I am not weak because I am polite. And after a terrible fight at home, it actually helps me to get better, when I encounter my students with a smile and listen to their weekend adventures.

There were many other little experiences I had during our vacation and maybe I will tell you more about this, soon.

Go and pick some daisies ^~^!

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