January, 1st, 2019 – What I did in 2018


This morning a student of mine told me about an interesting exercise and I want to invite everybody to do it with me. So, you are going to open your diary or take a piece of paper. Then you set the date to January 1st in 2019 and write down everything you “did” in 2018.


Dear Diary,

It’s been a great year for me. Everything started already pretty well. I had a surgery to treat my endometriosis and it went fine. I quickly recovered and had no side effects and my abdominal pain was reduced to almost 0. I have also held some great workshops regarding East Asian cultures and arts which brought me interesting new clients who appreciate my knowledge and which again motivated me to continue broadening my personal knowledge in this field. I even organized a series of workshops myself in a well established institution in Sao Paulo and I am working on promoting more and more the people with a certain knowledge and potential in areas I know. Oh, I should not forget to tell you that Carla and me developed a female entrepreneur group in which women learn from each other and gain the right motivation for their own projects.

Also I published three new books, one with my friend Carla on Brazilian culture and another poetry collection, this time in Portuguese. Some of my poems have been presented on local events. The third book even found a publisher, which is a volume for young Brazilian Chinese learners. One can find it in many bookstores around the whole country and my illustrators and me got great feedback on this one so far.

Professionally I am pursuing more and more the creative way. I am teaching and translating less and working more and more in the intercultural field, where I can help people more directly with specific problems in their adaption process.

Our guesthouse Villa Luka also faced a great year. We had many tourists from all over the world and all costs related can be covered easily by the income we have.

My relationship is going very smooth and I am happy to say that I am seven months pregnant. Since it is fine for pregnant women to fly I have spend Christmas 2018 with my family in Croatia and we had a great time. Everybody opened up and we strengthened our bonds even tighter.

I myself understand life so much better now and really focus on the things that matter to me at the moment. Letting life flow and not being mad about the little things that don’t seem to add up right at the spot, don’t annoy me much and I don’t spend much time thinking about those.

We have moved to a nicer place where we have enough space to be a family and I support my husband in his career as much as he does support mine. He now understands that life is not always a straight red line, that all the things we do can be connected someday and that the experience I have made in all my fields is beneficial for my current and future tasks.

Thank you 2018! You’ve been wonderful to me!!!

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