When I was a little girl I wanted to become a …


When I turned five, I moved to Germany to a small town near Cologne. There my mother was working in a restaurant within a commercial center. Very often I would visit her and we’d go to the bakery, where I would usually get a milk roll or a Wackemann if it was winter. At the photographer we would take photos every now and then. But the nicest shop was the flower shop.

The first time I entered, I was amazed by the sweet smell. The flower seller was a young woman in her twenties and she was very beautiful. That was when I wished to be a flower seller once I grew up. The combination of everything I saw was creating an inviting harmony. I gave up on my dream the day my mum told me that I would have to go to school much longer and do my A levels to become a flower seller. Of course, that wasn’t true. But imagining at that time of my life that school would go on like forever, was very scary to me.

So, I moved on at the age of six and a half to my next professional aspiration: becoming an actress. But that’s another story.

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