Walk Through Walls: A Memoir by Marina Abramović


It was in maybe in October last year, when I saw Marina Abramovic’s book ‘Walk Through Walls’ here on the bookshelves of a store in Sao Paulo. The Portuguese title is ‘Pelas Paredes: Memórias de Marina Abramovic’. And I got it first as a present for someone else, but after reading the first page, I just wasn’t ready to give it away yet.

I have to admit, I am only half-way through but it is more of a bible of how to life your life supposedly ‘wrong’ in terms of how society works and how each step leads to bigger personal insights and development. It is a book, I just can’t read fast, because of all the implied information and the connection to my own personal story here and there. Her words are one of my many teachers.

The descriptive style is engaging, moving and not boring in any way. I guess, I will need another couple of months to finish it, but I already wanted to share this with you. Great work and my gratitude to a person who is capable of sharing.


Image result for Walk Through Walls: A Memoir

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