The End Of My Unplanned Sabbatical

Just Me

A year has passed. On July, 9th in 2018 I left Brazil and landed in Split, Croatia in the evening. After driving into the mountains, my cousin’s wife had prepared a cake for me to celebrate my birthday, celebrating freedom, celebrating…, we were not really sure and not everybody knew what was going on in my life. And this year, on the 9th of July, it was my birthday again, here in Berlin. I celebrated with my friends, whom I have told about how much I had learned in this unwanted sabbatical and the lessons will turn into a book that I can share with all of you, for you yourself being brave to go on your journey and learn your own lessons.

In this post we can then discuss what it means to end a sabbatical. An unplanned sabbatical. Now I am 39 years old, single for more than a year (I have never beens ingle so long in my adult life, that is really amazing), free and smart, but always a bit broke, never though giving in when it comes to my life style. I need to stay me! Never stepping back, always moving forward!

Forward was the word I wrote in the sand of the wild forest in Trancoso, Bahia, last year in May, a few days before the whole avalanche started that leads to this post today.

What will change is that I now appreciate much more what I do and what I can do, without any self-pity. I have also learned to embrace the uncertain but also to create inner positivity which helps me to take better decisions. We need to stay calm, we should never panic. When we are tranquil, we can hear, listen, see and recognize much better what options are lying right there in front of us.

Accepting the responsibility one has for one self is one of the richest things I could have done. And I would like to teach younger people just that. Don’t step into the same traps. You can go straight to the point where you build the reality you want to live. Give priority to yourself and to what is best for you, under general ethical considerations of course. But don’t hand over the power of your creative life for the sake of following an old-fashioned dream brought to you by your society. You can do what you truly like doing.

So, ho ho ho! The future is bright, the present is real, and the past is a source of everlasting learning, and sometimes, you just need to close the box for a while. Ho ho ho! Merry rebirth!

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