Focus on Compassion


People in our countries are split into different parties and becoming more and more radical in their opinions, just the same as our politicians are.

When I was young I was very interested in politics and more in political history to understand why the current state of our world emerged. Now that I am older, I see no improvement in the last decades. The idea of left and right just got stronger in the last years and politicians have their fights in public, where the general population observes them and imitates their behaviour.

Discussion is important, but for decades party members have only professionalized in putting the oponents down and rarely try to pull the same string when it comes to improving the conditions in our societies. Instead myths about welfare are developing, and inequality and poverty are increasing.

Since my teenage years, I observe how our first world countries suffer from emotional poverty, from depression and such mental diseases, while we are having full stomachs and plenty of everyday objects around us, which are helping us to make our lives “easier”.

So, my personal opinion really is, that we should focus more on our small worlds and try to improve those by first trying to work on ourselves everyday to become better human beings, more social human beings and start giving more, when we can.

Working on ourselves is something even very spiritual people continue doing, because we are all human and none of us was born all-knowingly and none of us can give endless love.

Developing your compassion, your capacity of empathy, while maintaining healthy limits, is something to discover, to keep and practice.

group of people forming star using their hands

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