New Poetry Book: Eines Kolibris Flug


When the year moved from 2019 to 2020, I was staying with my mum in the mountains in Svib, our old family home. I had time to calm down, because my mother was so kind to take care of everything. During the Christmas days, she also suggested that I would be less online, and I tried, even though I couldn’t be completely offline.

With more time to reflect on my life, and after opening up towards my mother about my dating status, I felt very unsatisfied. Here I was, dating a guy whom I couldn’t call whenever I wanted, with whom I couldn’t just ‘take the next step’. And I felt like I had never chosen this. These were not clear conditions when I fell in love and when we started sharing. It’s been such an amazing but also very difficult year.

A day before New Year’s we broke up and I published a poetry book related to this love story. At least about 85% of the poems deal with my feelings for him. These were the poems I had written outside of our exchange poetry project, which we call ‘Wolken’.

Now, the story didn’t end. Just like a friend of mine said: every story has a happy end, and if it is not happy, it is not the end.

“Eines Kolibris Flug – Durch die Höhen und Tiefen einer Liebe” is the title available on Amazon and this Thursday at 7.30 pm I will read a selection at the Livraria in Berlin.

Would be a pleasure to meet you!

A friend’s poem


A friend of mine wrote the following poem for me. I had to take it down from my Facebook, because she has been criticized privately by someone close for it. I won’t comment on that.

First the English translation and below the Portuguese original. Won’t share this post anywhere.


Criticism your way

No matter what, it is unsuitable

(Without) Reason not to admire

sometimes a few extra pounds, sometimes some less

What you do is not so good

What you did not do is carelessness

It drains your energy

You talk too much, you’re talking too little

You became pale.

Protest, shine in all shades.

But there is another,

some other bright glow

penetrating you

Vibrant color

Soft voice

Courageous Heart

New angle of failure

Converted to virtue

Before it was difficult, it is irresistible now

The femme now has its fatal

The dilemma now is how not to love you

For all the other reasons that were once hard to accept.


Críticas ao seu jeito

Não importa qual, não é adequado

(Sem)Razão para não admirar

ora alguns quilos a mais, ora a menos

O que você faz não é tão bom

O que você não fez é displicência

Drena sua energia

Você fala demais, tá falando de menos

Tornou-se pálida

Protesta, Brilhe todos os tons!

Mas há outro

Outro brilho reluzente

Penetrando em você

Cor vibrante

Voz branda

Coração corajoso

Novo ângulo das falhas

Convertido em virtude

Antes difícil, irresistível agora

O femme agora tem seu fatal

Dilema agora como não amar

Por todas as outras razões que antes foram difícil aceitar.

Try now!

Creative, Internet

Sometimes we postpone something because we believe that it is going to be difficult or take up too much time, or even question the sense of our idea. But well! I let myself be motivated today in a short WhatsApp brainstorm with my marketing friend Lilly and here we go! I started my author Instagram and it was pretty fast to start!

So, you may as well try now! You might find out, that all the fear of being overwhelmed by the task was absolutely unnecessary.


And those who like to read (in Portuguese & German till now), feel free to follow me there!




Five Cent Boutique


A colorful and happy world

Their magic all around you

And happy faces

are trying to sell you

whatever lies on the table

in the Five Cent Boutique


A charming girl

about your age

wants to embrace you

and tell you how great your life will be

if you only buy your luck

at the Five Cent Boutique


It is up to you

to take or leave

the glittering imaginations

offered by the handsome man

whose hand is reaching out for you

in this imaginary reality – the Five Cent Boutique



Right now


Right now

I feel strong

I feel clear

Right now

I can see

See the sea

See ourselves

See you

And even more

I see me

Right now

Words are flying

In emotions

And love is natural

Love for yourself

And sharing

Seems so simple

Right now

We are in a moment

Of transition

And I am here

Right now

Walk Through Walls: A Memoir by Marina Abramović


It was in maybe in October last year, when I saw Marina Abramovic’s book ‘Walk Through Walls’ here on the bookshelves of a store in Sao Paulo. The Portuguese title is ‘Pelas Paredes: Memórias de Marina Abramovic’. And I got it first as a present for someone else, but after reading the first page, I just wasn’t ready to give it away yet.

I have to admit, I am only half-way through but it is more of a bible of how to life your life supposedly ‘wrong’ in terms of how society works and how each step leads to bigger personal insights and development. It is a book, I just can’t read fast, because of all the implied information and the connection to my own personal story here and there. Her words are one of my many teachers.

The descriptive style is engaging, moving and not boring in any way. I guess, I will need another couple of months to finish it, but I already wanted to share this with you. Great work and my gratitude to a person who is capable of sharing.


Image result for Walk Through Walls: A Memoir

When it’s done


Roles and expectations

We rarely ask questions
Who’s the controller
And who the caretaker?
That’s usually clear.
We do like
What we know.
Soft and washy traditions
fixed in our minds.
And when it’s done
It looks like a warfield.
Love was never the problem,
But the lack of respect
For life itself in all its facets.
Yet people prefer to talk
Instead of asking questions.