Living in a city like Sao Paulo makes me see the beauty of modern and contemporary society in some moments,

but it does not compare to the beauty of nature!



Voices from the past


Just one of these nights

but rarer and rarer

Carmenére and green tea

You wish you could do the same

at this very moment

Just walk out

walk the streets

mix your feelings

let the memories come

but you live in the wrong city

you’re living in a secret prison

you’re being maybe a secret person

nights come and cover

and homes become cages

and wandering souls

only keep wandering in their own minds.






Photo by Aletha-YF


The line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet

  • Horizon!

São Paulo is a very interesting city, especially when you live in Vila Madalena you can feel the power of coincidence meeting creativity and opening new unknown doors to the world for you, something I imagine you can feel this same thing in cities like Berlin, London or Shanghai. But you know, sometimes I really miss seeing the horizon.