Calmness & Serenity


When I got up early this morning, there was nothing left of yesterday’s holiday feeling. A time schedule had to be followed. But the short break in the countryside gave me at least an idea about how to improve my time situation. Well, to improve may actually be exaggerated. Better would be: how can I at least not make my situation worse? A friendly professional coach suggested that I should make a T-shirt with the words “I have no time”, because this phrase is constantly coming out of my mouth. And when he asks me about the F word, he actually means “focus” and not “fuck”, as it always crosses my lips. So a T-shirt with the words “I have no f … time” would then explain two essential things about my current life.

For how many things do we have no time, because we sit on the carousel, which is going around faster and faster. And since the old, white wooden horses also look cute, we sometimes barely notice that the rush is anything but healthy for our bodies. While we are then part of the WhatsApp stories of our loved ones, we hardly get to notice anymore who is waiting there for us with their love.

The rushing has other disadvantages; One of the biggest things is that we can not hear our own inner voice anymore. No time! Peel fruits for breakfast? – No time. The good friend, who will be in front of your door in two weeks, how about calling her and talk to her again after three months and just ask how she is doing? – No time! Completing the formalities of an over-bureaucratised world around you. – No time. Take of my make-up properly before going to sleep? – Oh, please!

“Having time” was something that I have worked for the last few years and step by step. It’s something I like. I enjoy living in peace. Nevertheless, I let panic arise too easily. Sometimes I have the feeling that the more relaxed I am, others become even more restless. And very quickly, this mood gets back to me. And panic makes me feel driven and rushed, a disease women of my family suffer from, one could say.

Years ago, I once told Eric, my psychologist, about this phenomenon. I live with a loaded gun held at my back, and so felt my Aunt Franka, and so it is with my mother. There is always someone standing there telling you how incredibly lazy and inefficient you are. Actually total nonsense! But the feeling comes up again and again.

Also, Eric is online in less than ten minutes.

Calmness and serenity. Listening to the inner voice. The perception of others. The conscious experience of one’s own life. Listening to life. The serene waiting for the beautiful and simple things that always surround us, if we want that to be.

The anticipated suffering that I always carry with me when I have to make seemingly difficult decisions. Anticipated suffering whenever something looks terribly wrong. Cancel an already promised job with a signed contract 12 hours prior to departure? That’s not right. And I am suffering. But I created this situation myself. The famous self-sabotage. Why could not I see that? – I had no f … time.


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Looking forward to Rio 2016


This week I found my contract in the post and happily signed it and sent it back. The Rio 2016 Olympics are at the doorstep and I will be able to feel the atmosphere of this intercultural event from very close. I know , I know. I shouldn’t be too dreamy about this. When I remember Beijing 2008, I remember weeks over weeks of full working days and a lot of stress to manage the communication between two very different cultures, but we humans always tend to forget the suffering and just remember the fun, which is about the many things we have learned about life while doing the job, the hundreds of nice encounters we had and the atmosphere of the small and big moments we lived. In the end you just know that all the suffering was worth it.

Now I am eight years older than the last time and surely handle some things with wisdom and tranquility. This is going to be fun!


Long silence – short vacation


No new posts recently but so many things on my mind. My objective was to create a blog that helps people to de-stress. relax and focus more on what I want but after a couple of months I can say that I find myself in the same old prison as before. Even though some of my friends would not confirm this ;), I am a workaholic according to my dalmatian standards. Ten days of rest did not help me much to relax or to worry less. Old bills have not been controlled and new bills were not written, new student schedules not prepared yet and the only thing that is under control is our house, thanks to Lourdes who helps us once a week.

But I do relax in general. I relax between my tasks and I also relax by working on completely different things at the same time. Today, for example, I washed clothes, read an article on Qin arts and wrote a quote for classes in 2016, besides interacting with our language video activists of Easy Brazilian Portuguese. E além disso: o dia ainda é uma criança!

Have a super nice 2016 and try to relax more!!!




The first week of project “personal balance” has passed and here is a summary.


What I did?

I changed my attitude and tried to be more easy going on some things. I started deleting unnecessary web profiles. I said “thank you” more often. I reduced responsibilities by taking out one of my tasks. The effect of this will only be visible in a month from here. I started two new classes.  My Saturday afternoon student cancelled and it is OK for both of us. (He was cancelling a lot and not developing much and that frustrated me. I was thinking of giving him an ultimatum or something but then the situation solved itself.) I got my Saturday afternoons back! Yippie!


How I feel?

Still a little overloaded with tasks but I can take it better because I know that things change in the long run. I actually thought whether my first post about my motivation for working so hard was correct. I concluded that what pushed me the last two years were actually additional life costs. I am helping partly my family and I had a wedding last year. All that caused a pressure for having more money on my account than I personally need. Now that the situation around me is stabilising I finally have the luxury to relax a bit more. I guess that me trying to earn more money in order to take care of other people too, is something most men suffer all their lives. Especially here in Brazil, where man are a bit more traditional. When they choose their career, they often don’t follow their heart. They have a second calculation of what awaits them in life and unfortunately put a lot of weight on the latter. Sometimes we forget, that the world (will learn to) spin(s) also without us.


What I plan doing next?

I will copy important online files but keep on deleting myself from the web. I will try to meet the friend that I have not seen in a year within the next 14 weeks. Also I would like to cook twice a week. Gymnastics for my back on a regular basis would be nice, too. I will not seek for new students.

Have a wonderful weekend all together!


Reduce your responsibilities! “Free the teachers!”


“Free the teachers” works for me. You may have to think of something else.

Last year I started to collaborate with some great teaching professionals here in Brazil. I often had students asking for classes of this and that language and so, instead of only giving them an email address or a phone number, I thought that I could do better. I selected some wonderful teachers who would attend the students mostly over Skype. I realised that the time I had spend on this project was not getting the results I waited for.

Furthermore, I had moral doubts about me taking money for something that should come naturally. Of course, my strength is that I am organised with bills, payments and dates in general. Many teachers I have met these years are a little chaotic when it comes to bureaucratic stuff, and that is why I wanted to create a win-win situation.

This week I started with the French teacher. She has recently moved back home and being payed in Brazilian Reals when working in Canada is not so easy. Her benefit is that she will have the liberty to charge as much as she needs for her excellent services. I will continue recommending my colleagues but I will not get involved in any bureaucratic stuff. I know, they can do very well without me ^~^.

Now you. Is there any task that is maybe too much for you? Anything you can leave aside, that does not bring you forward? Think about what that could be and how you could rearrange or even cancel the activity. The time you’d win you could spend with something more meaningful, something that you might remember in the future.